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Adianti Studio Pro is an IDE and RAD environment for application development that automates the source-code generation for Adianti Framework, making the development process of new systems more agile. Adianti Studio Pro offer many wizards for page creation, form designer, and a PDF report designer.

  • Creation of database schema and model layer from UML model;
  • Wizards for Form generation (registering Form, read-only Form);
  • Wizards for datagrid and report generation (with filters)
  • Wizards for master/detail Form generation;
  • Form designer tool;
  • PDF Report designer tool.

How to buy now

  • License cost: U$ 110,00;
  • Pay with ;
  • Perpetual license/Free updates
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Highly productive in creating systems!

Adianti Studio lets you quickly create the structure of a system through a responsive template with features such as access control permissions for pages, groups, and users, as well as a powerful log system with access logs, SQL logs and record change logs. In addition, the Studio lets you easily create screens with forms, datagrids, master/detail forms, tabular reports, among other interfaces with a number of key resources for management systems. And best of all, clean code, 100% object-oriented, and best practices!

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Page generation wizards!

Studio Pro offers a group of wizards to automate the page creation process. It lets you generate registration Forms, listings with navigation bar, ordering and filtering, tabular reports, master/detail Forms, record selecion screens, record deletion screens, among others. All the generated code is 100% object oriented.

Form Designer tool!

Adianti Studio Pro comes with Adianti Studio Form Designer, an interface builder for Adianti Framework. The interface files are saved in XML and can be used to build interfaces dynamically with few lines of code with a class that parses the XML. Check these three samples on how to use forms created by Form Designer, directly from Adianti Tutor: ( Containers , Form elements , Registration form )

PDF Designer tool!

Adianti Studio Pro also provides Adianti Studio PDF Designer, a tool that lets you draw PDF documents, that can be dynamically filled with data by the application. This tool can be used to draw PDF documents and reports. Check these three samples on how to use PDF Documents created by PDF Designer, directly from Adianti Tutor: ( Shapes and elements , Tabular teport , Fiscal document )

UML import tool!

Adianti Studio Pro lets you create the database structure (DDL) from your UML model (XMI created in StarUML, Astah, Rose, Umbrello, and others). It also lets you create the source-code of you model classes (Active Record), with automatic mapping of replationships (associations, compositions, aggregations).