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More productivity with Adianti Studio Pro

  • Forms designer;
  • Automatic form generation;
  • Automatic datagrid generation;
  • Create DB from your UML;
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In this page we will see how to start the use of Adianti Studio. We will start by the initial screen. In the following listing, we will know the initial screen basic functions.

Initial screen

  1. Standard toolbar: Contains the editor basic functions: open, save, undo, search, apply plugins, edit projects, and others;
  2. Adianti toolbar. Contains the specific functions of Adianti Studio for Adianti Framework, like: database generation, model generation, creation of pages and form designer. Available just in the Professional version;
  3. Plugins bar: Show the plugins created by the user. The Adianti Studio plugins are written in PHP and can perform actions over the opened file;
  4. Bookmarks bar: In this bar, the user can drag and drop folders and files at any time;
  5. Project area: In this area, the Studio shows the file tree from the selected project. The project may be selected in the combo above the file tree;
  6. File area: Area for edition of the opened file.

PS: All the toolbars may be shown/hidden.

Adianti Studio Initial screen