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php, relatórios, reports, gerador de relatórios, ferramenta de relatórios, inteligência de negócios, BI, Business intelligence, painéis, dashboards, data warehouse, php, reports, report generator, reporting tool, business intelligence, dashboards, BI, data warehouseAdianti Reports is released after 6 years of development and approvals
  • 2014-10-09
  • Adianti Reports

After six years of development, now being launched Adianti Reports (, a complete and robust solution for generating reports, pivot tables, documents, charts, indicators and other elements in order to improve the distribution of information in the corporate environment, and also improve the process of decision making through dashboards.

The tool allows the rapid creation of reports, documents, charts, and other indicators as well as the publication of these elements on a portal where the user can generate information on demand, as well as refine the reports, create filters, create schedules to send reports by e-mail, create links (bridges) between reports, share reports with other users and groups, and also create dashboards with various visual elements.

The tool is already in use since 2011 for organizations such as Univates - University Center, and Carvalhaes - Laboratory Supply Distributor. In each of these organizations, there are more than 200 dierct users and 30 reports published on the platform, where it is used to provide a lot of reports in departments such as Purchasing, Warehouse, Accounting, Controlling, and others. Both use ERP TOTVS Protheus as well as some internal solutions. And in all cases, the tool is used to extract reports from these databases and make it available to users and managers, enabling rapid creation and distribution of information.

Dashboards in Adianti Reports
Adianti Framework, Petrobras, business processPetrobras uses Adianti Framework to improve business processes
  • 2014-08-29
  • Adianti Framework, Adianti Studio

The Subsea/Anchor Unit from Petrobras has been using Adianti Framework to automate business processes. One of the first projects developed was the Electronic RVE, which uses Oracle database and aims to give greater dynamics to send operational information of vessels to PETROBRAS, through the use of online forms. These electronic forms are sent via intranet, analyzed and consolidated by Progat (Schedule and Attendance)/Traceability, and subsequently imported into the SAP ERP. According to Felipe Cortez, one of those responsible for implementing the project, things started happening very fast, and the gain in production and especially the flexibility did the Framework win great importance within the company. The project was implemented and documented in a period of two months. New projects are being developed, such as the Report of materials that allow controlling stocks of fuel and water, as well as transfers of materials between vessels in real time, and provide traceability reports.

Data integration from vessels to Oracle/SAP by using Adianti Framework
Adianti Framework, Univates, Event, enrollment systemUnivates Enrollment system uses Adianti Framework
  • 2014-07-31
  • Adianti Framework, Adianti Studio

It has been in use since the July, the new System of Registration of Univates. The new software was designed to be generic, allowing enrollment processes in various forms, since registration for masters, selection of teachers or staff, event registrations, among others. The new system allows creation of different types of registration processes, which can be composed of activities. The system treats different charging methods, allowing many uses. This is another system developed by Univates with Adianti Solutions support.

System presented by its developer Matheus Agnes Dias
Adianti, sedeAdianti inaugurates new headquarters in the presence of partners, friends, and local clients
  • 2014-06-21
  • Adianti Framework, Adianti Studio

On 21/06/2014, it was inaugurated the new headquarters of Adianti Solutions, in Lajeado-RS. The event was attended by project and business partners, friends, and local clients, especially the employees of Univates, longtime client. The day began with a training on Adianti Framework, the first training held at the new headquarters. The new space will be used to continue the projects already undertaken, as Adianti Studio, Adianti Framework, and Adianti Reports, which will be released as a product later this year 2014. Besides software factory, the environment also has a space to perform training on the tools developed by Adianti.

Training on Adianti Framework and inauguration of new headquarters
Adianti Framework and Studio 1.0.3: Over 100 news for you
  • 2014-05-22
  • Adianti Framework, Adianti Studio

The version 1.0.3 of Adianti Framework ( and also his co-brother Adianti Studio ( is available since 05/21/2014. This release is the largest one since the initial release of the framework and contains several useful components for the development of management systems and also new examples of using the framework, through the tutor:

The news of the Framework can be checked on this page:

And news from Studio, on this other page:

Complete Video Course lessons on Adianti Framework
  • 2014-05-21
  • Training, Adianti Framework, Adianti Studio

Due to the increasing demand for training, from different and far places of Brazil, Adianti Solutions decided to launch the full course of Adianti Framework with screencasts. The course is available from the day 05.21.2014 as Adianti product on its site. Customers who purchase the course will receive a link where they can access and download the course to their machine, attending classes in their favorite device in HD format. More then 26 classes were recorded, with more then 15 hours of recorded video. A class demonstration was made available on the course page:

Video Course lessons on Adianti Framework
Software Quality, Design Patterns, Adianti Framework, DDD, MDD, UMLTalk about Software longevity is presented in Quality seminar by Adianti
  • 2014-04-12
  • Conferences

On April 12, the lecture "Factors that influence longevity in software", was presented by the creator of Adianti Solutions, Pablo Dall'Oglio in one event about code quality (Show me the code), which occurred in UniRitter. The lecture focused on business aspects (BPMN), design (DDD, UML), development (patterns) that influence the evolution of a software with quality. Among the other lectures, issues such as agile methods, design patterns, DDD and software testing have been addressed. At the end of the lecture, was also raffled a book about "Adianti Framework for PHP". The presentation can be checked at:

Pablo Dall'Oglio, during the presentation
Academic conclusion work done with Adianti Framework is chosen the best
  • 2014-03-10
  • Adianti Framework, Adianti Studio

On 01.24.2014 the graduation ceremony of the course Analysis and Systems Development took place at Unisinos. The class, which had as patron Pablo Dall'Oglio, creator of Adianti Framework, gave to the student Andrews Azevedo Juchem the title of the best completion of course work, choice made ​​by Assespro-RS. The study was implemented in record time in Adianti Framework technology that the student had no contact previously. The work in question is a tool to support the assessment of physical configuration audits of software, and has used MySql as database.

Andrews, receiving the award
Adianti Framework, PHPConferenceAdianti Framework is presented at PHPConference
  • 2013-12-01
  • Conference, Adianti Framework, Adianti Studio

The Adianti Framework, launched in December 2012, was presented this year in PHPConference at Osasco-SP on days 28, 29 and 30 November 2013. In the presentation, the creator of the framework, Pablo Dall'Oglio spoke about the reasons that led him to create the framework, its specialization for creating enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems, its model orientation (Doman Driven Development) that can be achieved by generating the model classes through UML (XMI file) model. Examples about persistence, that demonstrated individual object persistence, and collection manipulation were also addressed. Regarding the presentation aspects, some containers, dialogs and components used to build interfaces were presented. Studio Pro Was also presented, a tool that accelerates the creation of framework applications, through its forms and datagrids generators. The presentation can be viewed at:

Pablo Dall'Oglio speaking about Adianti Framework
Adianti Framework, PHP Architect, Model, View, Controller, Persistence, ControllerPHPArchitect highlights Adianti Framework
  • 2013-11-20
  • Adianti Framework, Adianti Studio

One article about the Adianti Framework is part of the November 2013 edition of PHPArchitect, the leading PHP magazine in the world. The article, introduces the framework, its key concepts and the history. In persistence section, the paper explains how to work with the model layer, that uses Active Record and Repository patterns. In the page controller section, the paper explains how the framework deals with composition of interfaces, actions and also with templates. In containers and widgets section, the paper explains how to use some containers such as notebooks, panels and tables, besides how to build forms with components like inputs, date pickers, combos, sliders, and others. Finally, the paper presents the Adianti Studio Designer, that allows the user to create forms and datagrids for the framework through a drag and drop interface.

PHP Architect cover November 2013 Edition