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Adianti Framework, gestão de serviços, ticket, chamados, faturamento, contratos de serviçosPlenatech develops service management system with Adianti Framework
  • 2015-11-19
  • Adianti Framework, Adianti Studio

Plenatech ( is a company located in Caxias do Sul-RS, engaged in the provision of outsourced IT services since 2004. The Plenatech is recognized for their dedication to customers, information organization and standardization of processes. Acts providing support services, network installation, computer maintenance, installation of servers, among others.

Plenatech backed the use of Adianti Framework to develop their service management system. This system (TitanSupport) manages much of the inner workings of Plenatech as well as the services provided to customers.

Titan Support manages departments, employees, holidays, record point, lunch, registration, vehicles, services, products, inventory, regulatory, customers, passwords, service provision contracts, support tickets, tickets scheduling, process documentation, versioning documentation, financial (revenues). Reports contracts, hours, employee shifts. Provides graphs of hours performed in services per customer, employees, panels with tickets summaries. It includes system of expired contracts notifications, open tickets, tickets drives, late tickets, document editing, among others.

Titan Support was developed largely by Marco Driemeyer, analyst, partner at Plenatech in love with Linux, security, and database. Marco says that early in the project did not consider himself a born developer, as it had done some courses in PHP, but without much success against the results produced. After reading the book PHP - Programming with Object Oriented things started to make sense. After a while, he discovered the Adianti Framework, one of the first users to get the IDE Adianti Studio Pro, and video classes. As Marco, from then on, things began to change, and development gained a new level. He decided to write all the company's management system, which, according to him, was very good "tied" without generating inconsistencies. Marco notes that the system has passed the scrutiny of expert consultants and has attracted interest from other companies in acquiring it, including technical assistance and guarantee sectors.

For next year, the Plenatech seeks to increase the development sector, which will continue using the Adianti Framework as a development platform, since the results obtained so far exceeded expectations. In addition to creating new products, Plenatech plans to rewrite existing products with Adianti Framework, and with the assistance of Adianti Studio Pro.

TitanSupport screen