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Adianti Framework, GreenApp, ERP, Adianti StudioTI-RS launches GreenApp, ERP developed with Adianti Framework
  • 2015-10-19
  • Adianti Framework, Adianti Studio

The GreenApp is an ERP (Integrated Management System) that supports key areas of business enterprises and is developed by IT-RS company in Venancio Aires - RS. It consists of modules that can be licensed gradually.

Always on the lookout for trends and what's happening in the market, the TI-RS saw in Adianti Framework an ally to increase productivity and quality in developing their solutions.

The main points that stand out in GreenApp are mobility and usability that provide an elegant solution, intuitive and easy interaction. In addition to being multiplatform, the system adapts well to many models of tablets and smartphones. One of the major market trends is undoubtedly the growth of solutions that support various mobile devices, and GreenApp has advantages that allow access to such resources, and IT-RS uses these advantages as a valuable selling point in winning new customers.

As Tales Igor Ebert, partner and developer in the IT-RS, the development of basic modules of the system took about 8 months, which he considers a short time compared with other projects already implemented without any framework. In addition, Thales highlights that the use of Adianti Framework and Adianti Studio helped improve the standardization and management of code and screens. As a result, the final product reaches the customer with a higher quality standard.

The GreenApp continues to evolve and every month launches new modules and features.

GreenApp in operation