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Academic system, Adianti Framework, class creationUnivates: Users praise the new system usability
  • 2015-02-27
  • Adianti Framework, Adianti Studio

The classes of the semester is starting (2015A) in Univates were assembled by the new schedules expert system, built entirely in Adianti Framework by NTI staff (Information Technology Center) of Univates. The system had a development cycle of about three months and has tight integration with current academic management system.

The purpose of the system is schedules allow program coordinators to mount instances of classes to be offered in the semester, visual way. To do this, interfaces were created representing a calendar and allow engineers to simulate the classes according to the number of eligible students even before classes actually exist. The system crosses information of students able to take the course, to take the coordinator find the best combination of time, thus maximizing the balance of the offers on each day of the week.

The system was built entirely in-house using the Adianti Framework 2.0. The main screen of the system was built using HTML templates on the Bootstrap 3.0, which already came with the basic installation of the framework. One of the positive points highlighted by the coordinators is the usability of the new system, which was a big jump from the previous, which is confirmed by Artur Comunello system developer.

Developer Arthur Comunello demonstrating the new system