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php, uml, mentoring, coaching, consulting, analysis, project, object orientation, design patterns, budget control system, univatesAdianti designs budget control system for Univates
  • 2011-05-01
  • Consulting

On more Adianti project was successfully completed. In the last three months, Adianti has created the software specification and design of a new budget control system for Univates University. The goal of the new system is to allow the interaction between the Univates accounting and the cost center manager (investment projects, course coordinators) aiming to collect data and perform forecasts. The system comprises the form creation to collect forecasts for the number of students, investment projects, receivables and payables according to each cost center manager. Besides, the administrator can define flexible rules for form fill validation (with budget limits) and the e-mail notification for the managers. The project was developed according to the Unified Process principles, following the RUP (Rational Unified Process) guidelines. In this project we can highlight the wide specification of use cases, use of activity diagrams to describe the processes, class diagram with behavior specification, component diagram to describe the system interfaces with another ERPs unsed by the organization (through Web Services), deployment diagram and relational model design.