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php, uml, analysis, project, object orientation, design patterns, economic management, cash flowAdianti completes the project of the new economic management software for Univates
  • 2009-06-15
  • Consulting

One more project is successfully completed by Adianti. This time, it was performed the specification and design of a new system for economic management. Once the Univates uses more than one ERP solution (Microsiga for accounting receivables and payables and Alfa for the academic management), the new system will allow financial and economic views over the data, segmented by cost center and ledger account. The strong point of the new system is a set of cross reference tables over consolidated financial data (cubes), that are loaded from both systems. The consolidated tables allow an integrated view, the same found in Business Intelligence systems.

With the advent of the new economic management system, the managers of Univates will have a more reliable portrait of the institution economic situation, dynamically collecting the needed informations from other management systems in use. The new system will allow the managers a financial view (forecast, paid), and a economic view (budget, purchased, payables) in a monthly basis. This way, Univates will gain more dynamicity in the process of decision making, once will have more subsidies through reliable and sharp finantial informations, available by a online Web System.