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php, uml, analysis, project, object orientation, design patterns, purchase request, budget request, univatesAdianti projects a new purchase request system for Univates
  • 2008-08-01
  • Consulting

One more project performed with support of Adianti was successfully completed. This time, Adianti has created the specification and design of a new purchase request system to be used by the Univates. The goal of the new project is to manage the material requests, books request and travel budget request of the collaborators of Univates, comprising functions as consult the budget balance, material purchase request, stock material request, library material request and travel budget request. The system, that will be developed internally was conceived in 5 months of analysis and architecture design, with wide requirements specification and role/responsabilities mapping. Some of the main work products, we can highlight: use case specification, sequence diagrams, class diagrams, pseudo-code, besides interface prototyping and relational model design for database.

The system will allow a more precisely control of the process flow by managers, teachers, department managers and others. With the advent of the new routing approval system, the system managers could change the approval workflow, as well as the system roles and responsabilities, without the need to change the software.