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Adianti Tutor

The tutor application is a little system built with Adianti Framework and intends to demonstrate all the framework features. The tutorial does not intend to be an end user application, but just to demonstrate framework features for developers. The application provides three groups of information: persistence, presentation and organization. Each of these sections has lots of practical samples that will introduce the framework resources for developers. The first section (persistence) will introduce how to manage persistence of objects and collections, how to deal with the criteria API, logging and others. The second section (presentation) will introduce containers, form elements, datagrids and other visual elements. The third section (organization) will introduce how to organize the business application with forms and datagrids.

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More productivity with Adianti Studio Pro

  • Forms designer;
  • Automatic form generation;
  • Automatic datagrid generation;
  • Create DB from your UML;
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