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Adianti Template

The ERP Template is a model of application for development with Adianti Framework. The ERP Template has a permission control access by users and groups integrated in its source. Besides, it has register forms for users, groups, programs and permissions. The menu of an application built on ERP Template is defined in XML, but it adapts according to the permission level of the logged user. The Template also offers a document manager, which allows the users send and share documents with each other. It is also possible to exchange messages between system users, and log system notifications.
When using ERP Template as base for developing a new system, your system will automatically have these permission controls, and you will have just to worry about your application specific details. In order to user the ERP Template as base for your new appliction, you will need just to download and build your application inside the structure provided. The ERP Template is built in the /app directory and has modified versions of the files index.php and engine.php, among others.


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