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More productivity with Adianti Studio Pro

  • Forms designer;
  • Automatic form generation;
  • Automatic datagrid generation;
  • Create DB from your UML;
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Component based

Adianti framework offers a group of components (containers and widgets) to build interfaces. You can build your interface typing or using the Studio Designer interface builder.


The Adianti Framework has a lot of components ready to build forms in the development of business applications. In the following figure, we can see some components in action.


The Adianti Framework has advanced features to build datagrids with sorting, pagination, formatting, filtering, action menus, editing, among others.

Components for record lookup

The framework allows for easy location records through search windows that can be standard or customized.

Permissions management

Manage programs, users, groups, and permissions with our templates.

Messages and alerts

Exchange of messages between users. System alerts.

Document management

Document storage and sharing between users and groups.

Log control

Monitor access logs, records changes, SQL commands.

Responsive design

Use responsive practices inside our templates.

Master/detail screens

Create tables master / detail record for shopping, sales, orders, invoices, reserves, loans, and others.

Create event calendars

Easily create calendars of events. We have pre-made examples using HTML templates. Customize fields and create your.

Creates screens freely

Creates freely through screens of HTML templates. On the next screen, we set an example of product catalog.

Studio Pro: Create forms in minutes

Adianti Studio Pro comes with Adianti Studio Form Designer, an interface builder for Adianti Framework. Studio Pro also allows the rapid application development. You can use wizards to generate forms and datagrids.

Studio Pro: Create reports in minutes

Adianti Studio Pro also provides Adianti Studio PDF Designer, a tool that allows to draw PDF documents, that can be dynamically filled with data by the application. This tool can be used to draw PDF documents and reports.

Example application for ticket control

Changeman is an example application of use of the framework, whose goal is the management of support tickets.

Example application for library management

Library is an example application of use of the framework, whose goal is the management of libraries.