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GreenApp ERP

The GreenApp ( is an ERP (Integrated Management System) that supports the main areas of business and is developed by IT-RS company in Venancio Aires - RS. It consists of modules that can be licensed gradually.

Registration System at Univates

The registration system is an application developed by Univates-RS NTI to allow enrollment in all kinds of events (workshops, symposia, conferences, workshops, short courses), as well as competitions for employees and teachers.

Titan Support - Support management, services and activities

Titan Support is a system developed by Plenatech (, to support management and services. The system manages departments, employees, holidays, record point, lunch, registration, vehicles, services, materials inventory, regulatory, customers, service provision contracts, support tickets, documentation processes, financial (revenues). It provides graphs of hours performed in services per customer, employees, and others.

TitansWi-Fi Wi-Fi Connection Manager

TitansWi-Fi is a product of Plenatech (, which manages Wi-Fi connections, controls data plan, blocks, quotas, logs, access times, alarms, and consumption graphs.

Nutritional Management System

The SGN is a system created by Visão Software from Ceres-GO. As Jolivar Menezes Machado Junior, developer responsible for the project, the system aims to help nutritionists during all stages of nutritional care. It evaluates the current condition of the patient and generates a diagnosis based on the information that has been filled in the ratings and calculates the ratings of the nutritional status of the patient, body fat, ideal weight, rcq, and many others.

SGU - University Management System of UCPel

SGU is a university management system developed by the Catholic University of Pelotas. Understands the academic management: Students, courses, contracts, classes, enrollment, additions, twists, transfers, among many others.

Craft control at Petrobrás

The Underwater Unit / Anchoring the Company develops the RVE, which uses Oracle base and automates the delivery of operational information of the vessels to Petrobras, through forms which are then imported into the SAP ERP. The project has added several new modules, as is the case of Materials Report, which will control the fuel and water stocks, as well as transfers of materials between vessels in real time.

Resource management System at Univates

The resource management System is an application developed by TI from Univates-RS that let users do place reservations (classrooms, laboratories) as well as the registration of withdrawal and return of properties (datashows, laboratory materials, notebooks).


FALKO ERP is a technology startup focused on web management and consulting solutions for small and medium-sized companies in various segments. One of the solutions, FALKO PROJECT has modules for appointment of expenses, hours, control of projects, emission of reports and managerial graphics that aid in the organization and planning of the company.

Activity management system of TecBiz

The TecBiz, a company located in Porto Alegre-RS, used the Adianti Framework to build its activity control system. Through the system, the employees record the work hours, and each service provided to customers. The system also offers management productivity reports

Support management System

The Support management System is developed by developer João Nunes, and controls the entire support service flow in the company where he works. Supports ticket redirection, queue service, prioritization, procedures, scale levels, service time, monitoring, among others.

Sistema de controle de Obras

The Building Control System, as the name suggests, is an application for civil works management developed by Print Informática Ltda.

Market research at Unimed

IT Unimed the Campinas region has developed several applications with the framework. Among them, a system in order to ascertain information about the launch of a new product for the corporate segment.

2tab - Notary management system

System for management of the second notary protests of Porto Alegre, one of the largest in the country. It controls all the input, processing, distribution, and return protested titles.

Sisav - integraged ERP for Avanzzo

Sisav is an ERP developed by Eliezer Moraes for Avanzzo ( to meet additional demands that the native system of your company lacking.

Gerezim - ERP for small business

Gerezim is an ERP for small businesses developed by Marcelo Alexandre. Contains: Inventory Control, Issue NF-e, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Bank slip issuing, Bank return (CNAB400), Integration with Salesforce Android, integration with POS with NFC-e

e-SEPE - sales orders

e-SEPE is a sales order system, integrated into the local ERP, developed by Datalan Management Systems ( The system works with product registration integration, taxation, stock availability, customer base, and is accessed directly by vendors.

Event management in hydroelectric plants

System developed for Engineering São Patrício Ltda - ENGESP, which provides remote operation services for Hydroelectric Power Plants, aims to maintain and manage the events that occur with the power and transmission line generators.